Five things to look for in Affordable housing

1. Lifestyle Fit
There are low-income housing options for all types of lifestyles, from low-income senior housing and senior apartments, to subsidizing housing for families and singles, to student apartments. Make sure you know the type of lifestyles that a particular housing development is targeting before you commit to renting or buying.
2. Property Management
Ask about the management company who cares for the property. Wallick has over 40 years experience and a great reputation for managing affordable housing properties. Any place you consider living should offer the same in terms of its property management.
3. Cleanliness
Is the apartment building or housing development kept tidy and clear of debris? A neatly kept property indicates that residents have pride in where they live, and it's less likely to be a target of unwanted activity.
4. Location
Make sure the location of the affordable housing you are considering is convenient to work or school. If you're retired, you may want to be near family, friends, or healthcare. If you don't drive, it should be close to public transportation.
5. Quality Construction
Everyone deserves to live in a safely built structure, whether it's an apartment building, multifamily housing development or single family home. Before you commit to rent, lease or buy, be sure to ask who constructed the building, when was it built, and if it is up to current building codes.